[development] Drupal 5 Themer Pack

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 17:24:01 UTC 2007

On 23 Jan 2007, at 17:34, Jeff Eaton wrote:
>> o Drupal does not have enough good themers working on the project.
>> o A lot of themers are simply unable to identify themable code in  
>> Drupal. They're just not PHP coders, that's not what they do.
>> o A lot of themers who can are unable to even deal with a lot of  
>> the currently themable code in Drupal because there is too much  
>> logic in it.

That's exactly what we want to address in Drupal 6.  :)

> I haven't followed the details of the whole conversation, but  
> having watched a two-day theming workshop with about 30 attendees,  
> and seen the questions they put forward, I'd say that Earl's  
> identified needs are right on target.
> Finding themable code, and overcoming the large amount of logic in  
> certain key themable functions, is a big issue.

Agreed.  I think both Ber's, Earl's and Adrian/Vlado/chx/Dries/core's  
efforts are well worth pursuing.  They all serve the same purpose --  
making Drupal more accessible to themers.

Jeff: would be great to see some of your themer training feedback  
flow back into core.

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