[development] The new menu system -- how can you help?

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Thu Jan 25 00:25:22 UTC 2007

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	what works and what's not

> Great work, Karoly!
> Can you please provide us with the URLs of the issues for stage 2 of
> the new menu system? The sooner we can get the rest of the patches
> committed for this, the better.

You mean you want to lend a hand with hook_router and hook_menu split? You are my man. The task is rather simple, we need hook_router to contain path, access_callback, access_arguments, page_callback, page_arguments, map_callback, map_arguments, title properties in a path keyed array as it is now and a hook_menu which contains definitions like:

$items[]  = array('path' => 'title' => 'weight' => 'type' => ...); 

basically, everything else that's not router + title (for now page title and menu link title are the same, but this will not be a necessity any more). I somewhat doubt this could be successfully scripted. So, either find a way to script this change or do it manually. You have only about 250 items in core.

If other wants to participate, do not hesitate either. Post to http://groups.drupal.org/menu which module you are converting.

Meanwhile I will code the new system.

Bdragon took over the permisssions patch and that's cool. This will happen at http://drupal.org/node/73874  .



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