[development] breadcrumbs

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sun Jan 28 03:31:13 UTC 2007


We all know that our breadcrumb is not perfect. It's very far from it,  

As breadcrumbs are currently removed from HEAD, we have a blank sheet to  
draw something pretty on it.

I discussed this long with webchick, and here are some results:

*) There is no one solution that fits all.
*) Sometimes you even want multiple breadcrumbs.
*) Core needs to provide some default and configurable breadcrumb(s)
*) Contrib should be able to add more breadcrumb schemes

With that said, here are some breadcrumb schemes that I believe should be  

*) Based on path. I have page/subpage/pagethird and the breadcrumb should  
read "link to page" >> "link to page/subpage" >> "title of  
page/subpage/pagethird". Or without the title. Remember, there is no one  
solution that fits all.
*) Based on tags. Vocabulary name >> Hierarchy of tags provided it's a  
single hiearchy. Here, if you want you can provide multiple very easily,  
even ordering is not a problem, vocabularies have weights already.

I hereby propose the creation of breadcrumb module based on Eaton's token  
module and partially on his custom breadcrumb project. I strongly believe  
that token module needs to find its way to core, it's not big and it's  
very useful.

A good read is  
(thanks Sepeck for the link).



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