[development] breadcrumbs

Zohar Stolar z.stolar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 04:58:44 UTC 2007

> With that said, here are some breadcrumb schemes that I believe should 
> be core:
> *) Based on path. I have page/subpage/pagethird and the breadcrumb 
> should read "link to page" >> "link to page/subpage" >> "title of 
> page/subpage/pagethird". Or without the title. Remember, there is no 
> one solution that fits all.
> *) Based on tags. Vocabulary name >> Hierarchy of tags provided it's a 
> single hiearchy. Here, if you want you can provide multiple very 
> easily, even ordering is not a problem, vocabularies have weights 
> already.
A path could be either a set of similar url aliases, or a menu 
hierarchy. So "Based on path" can be divided, adding a third possibility:
* Based on a menu hierarchy
* Based on url aliases, regardless of their position in the menu 
(router, dispatch?) system.


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