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FGM fgm at osinet.fr
Sun Jan 28 07:18:44 UTC 2007

Not to forget breadcrumbs based on (book) outlining.

Core can obviously generate each of these default paths, the problem seems
to lie mostly with a way for the webmaster, or maybe the content creator
(permission?), to specify which of these defaults to choose. Maybe some
AJAXy breadcrumb selector could be used on the node edit form ?
- display a list of such default breadcrumbs (path, book, taxonomy, menu...)
- allow simple validation of either, just like in autocomplete fields
- allow drag and drop of bits and pieces

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> > With that said, here are some breadcrumb schemes that I believe should
> > be core:
> >
> > *) Based on path. I have page/subpage/pagethird and the breadcrumb
> > should read "link to page" >> "link to page/subpage" >> "title of
> > page/subpage/pagethird". Or without the title. Remember, there is no
> > one solution that fits all.
> > *) Based on tags. Vocabulary name >> Hierarchy of tags provided it's a
> > single hiearchy. Here, if you want you can provide multiple very
> > easily, even ordering is not a problem, vocabularies have weights
> > already.
> >
> A path could be either a set of similar url aliases, or a menu
> hierarchy. So "Based on path" can be divided, adding a third possibility:
> * Based on a menu hierarchy
> * Based on url aliases, regardless of their position in the menu
> (router, dispatch?) system.
> Zohar

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