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[Karoly Negyesi]  *) Based on tags. Vocabulary name >> Hierarchy of tags
provided it's a single hiearchy. Here, if you want you can provide multiple
very easily, even ordering is not a problem, vocabularies have weights

I believe having a taxonomy based breadcrumb trail is extremely useful
(which is why I created the module taxonomy_breadcrumb
http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_breadcrumb ).  I would fully support
having this type of functionality as an option in core.


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Karoly Negyesi wrote:

>> By default, the breadcrumb should follow the menu structure, IMO.  
> Just tell me what is "the menu structure". Is it the router structure? Ie.
if I have node/123, then the next up is node. Is it the menu structure? The
links you click to reach the page? This is doable. 
At least for me, the "menu structure", as far as breadcrumbs are concerned,
is not the way Drupal defines a menu (e.g. a 2 miles long array of paths and
callbacks), but the way the user perceives it - a simple, visible hierarchy,
that is defined by the administrator, through the admin/build/menu

So node/123 could show, by default, its menu parent, if there is one
defined, or "main", or "home", in case there is no parent (in case
node/123 is not included in a user-defined menu).

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