[development] Drupal 6 release schedule

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Wed Jan 31 22:38:29 UTC 2007

Victor Kane wrote:
> I would say
> that I denote a slight contradiction between some of the thorny issues
> being debated on this list (everything is a node vs. don't overload
> node hook system; developing an orthogonal API for the various API's,
> etc., etc., etc.,), and starting a code freeze in four months. I just
> don't see these being resolved in four months.
Not all the theoretical debates will be resolved in 4 months. The things 
you just mentioned are ongoing discussions. The current changes that are 
happening to the menu system started off as such a debate, and got 
architected months ago at a conference while we were still trying to get 
Drupal 5 going. D6 will see its share of improvements, both on the 
front-end and the back-end, and it is good to have a release every year 
to make sure we get to a stable point (ie focus on real bug fixing). 
Maybe we'll get some of those issues you mentioned into D6, maybe not. 
Waiting too long between releases is very bad, though, because the chasm 
between versions becomes unmanageable.

Welcome to Drupal =)

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