[development] Drupal 6 release schedule

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Jan 31 23:51:24 UTC 2007

Raven Brooks wrote:
> Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
>> You are probably wrong there.
> My apologies, I gave you the benefit of the doubt - won't happen again.

That will eradicate many sources of misunderstanding.

>> What do you want? I even wrote "please". (Which was the part which I
> really didn't mean, if you want to know.)
>> Sorry, but if he can't operate google, then he's on the wrong mailing 
>> list.
> Well for starters it might be a nice general rule to just not send anything
> if you are only going to write something that is not only unproductive but
> also rude and condescending.

I wrote that mail to stop a useless discussion on "how the development 
process of Drupal is fundamentally broken" in its infancy.

> Just *try* to put yourself in the shoes of a new developer to the Drupal
> project for a second.

It was a hard time. It has made me strong. I wish for others to be 
strong too. I make them a hard time too.

> Is it better to be completely condescending when

Please don't use complicated words with foreigners.

> someone asks a question thereby giving them a bad impression of the
> developer community or would it be better to either a) not say anything or
> b) be polite and helpful?  Option b shows leadership because you've
> potentially won a new developer to work on the project.

Wrong. Making others hard time shows leadership.

> Option a is
> available if you really don't care or can't do option b.

I am genetically and legally prohibited from using option b).

> Now if someone is being clearly annoying a personal message to that person
> may be in order, but it certainly isn't out of line for someone new to the

This required a public message since everybody else could also continue 
the useless discussion.

> list to ask a question like that and if your standard is that they 
> should be
> aware of every conversation that has ever taken place since drupal began,
> well that's just ridiculous and insane.  People get interested in things
> topically, and the first impulse isn't--and shouldn't be--maybe I should
> consult google to see if that was discussed before because that indicates
> some kind of final decision when that isn't what this is.

That's where you are wrong again. If I feel the need to make a 
suggestion, then I need to do research if anybody else brought the topic up.

>  I've seen long
> standing things change at the drop of a hat when someone makes a case for
> them, and that should be encouraged.

Maybe you next time come up with ideas of your own instead of defending 
people who haven't asked to be defended...


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