[development] Subsystem maintainers or targeted committers?

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Mon Jul 2 19:06:09 UTC 2007

It was in no way meant as criticism. In fact, if you *had* focused only 
on that one aspect, I would have still been full of praise as it seems a 
very viable model.

Keep rocking!

Gabor Hojtsy wrote:
> Robert Douglass wrote:
>> The link[1] Thomas Barregren posted was quite interesting. Indeed, 
>> Drupal seems to be experiencing some of the issues the Linux kernel 
>> faced some years ago, albeit not nearly as drastically. Reading 
>> through that post and the rest of the comments on the mailing list 
>> here bring me to some observations.
>> 1. Gabor has done a great job. In particular, he has led the drive 
>> for i18n features in core. That's awesome.
>> 2. Gabor came in almost as if he had a mandate to focus on #1, and 
>> indeed, he has focused nearly exclusively on #1.
>> 3. Whether this was by accident or design, it worked well and would 
>> seem to be scalable and repeatable.
> While I did concentrate on language improvements, I did do a fair 
> share of deep reviews, helping patches move into a Drupalish 
> direction, eg. the batch API, actions, the jQuery 1.1.2 update, the 
> file API, update module, quite a few theme improvements and so on...
> I hope to get recorded as a language support advocate but at the same 
> time, I am not comfortable being locked into this place only ;)
> Gabor

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