[development] Drupal 6 code freeze

Kent Bye kent at kentbye.com
Mon Jul 2 21:59:27 UTC 2007

Larry Garfield wrote:
 > Can you post links to the specific issues that get "just one more
 > chance", so we know where to focus efforts?
I'd like to second Larry's idea that Dries' official announcement of the 
code freeze include links to the specific issues that are still on the 

Dries Buytaert wrote:
 > The first 2-3 weeks, patches that improve either usability or
 > performance might still be considered assuming they don't break
 > any APIs.

I'm hoping that upgrading to the latest jQuery falls underneath the UI 
or performance exemption umbrella.

Here's the issue: http://drupal.org/node/146462

jQuery version 1.1.3 was just released and is reporting up to 800% speed 
improvements on their DOM traversal.

The next target release date for jQuery version 1.1.4 is at the end of 
July, and so I don't know if that will fall outside of the 2-3 week window.

Their announcement says that 1.1.4 "will also mark a number of methods 
as deprecated, in accordance with the upcoming jQuery 1.2 release." 
Hopefully Drupal won't be too effected by these deprecated functions. 
The projected release date for jQuery 1.2 is at the end of August.


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