[development] LM_PayPal Replaced Without Warning!!

Lee McLoughlin lee at lmmrtech.com
Tue Jul 3 11:03:39 UTC 2007

I was surprised to be emailed by a couple of people asking if I was going to
continue with my LM_PayPal module now an "official" PayPal module (Simple
PayPal Framework http://drupal.org/project/simple_paypal ) had been written.


I created my module last year because the existing PayPal Framework was no
longer supported and the author could no longer be reached. I really needed
PayPal based subscriptions and nothing available at the time that supported
them. Knowing that "competing" modules are generally frowned upon I did my
best to ensure it wasn't duplicating any work and I couldn't find any other
PayPal modules (with the exception of the eCommerce suite). When I asked for
permission to submit it to CVS I was asked if I had tried to contact the
PayPal Framework author. This was checked before I was given permission.
(There was by this time someone working on the Framework but he was happy to
defer to my work and in fact the module entry now points people to


I thought this was the route all replacement modules would take.


I was never contacted about this new module. My first knowledge was when my
users emailed me.


I contacted one of the authors of the Simple PayPal Framework, Khalid
Baheyeldin, and he confirmed it is taking over.


Today I find that my module has been removed from the contributed modules
list (http://drupal.org/project/Modules/name).


I'm a pretty surprised by all this. No-one had the courtesy to contact me to
let me know my module was being dropped. I was given no warning of any kind.


If someone could let me know how much longer LM_PayPal will appear as a
project and under CVS I'd appreciate it.



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