[development] RTBC - how does it work?

AjK andy at spiders-lair.com
Tue Jul 3 19:32:37 UTC 2007

> Despite some frustration during the code freeze,
> this looks very much  
> like a job well done.  Therefore, I don't think the
> system is  
> fundamentally broken or doomed as some people try to
> make us  
> believe.  There is room for improvement, but let's
> not neglect the  
> fact that we did a really great job.

I don't think the system is fundamentally flawed and
I'm certainly not knocking the D6 effort (I did a lot
of reviewing for the D5 release but lack of time so
far has prevented mt getting involved in D6). 

All I was pointing out is that there does exist a
bottleneck and in order to get through it either you
make sure your patch is worthy of review and it's RTBC
status or widen the bottleneck itself to allow more
through. But Jeff's post clarified that point. You
need the former rather than the later as there's
always going to be a "final review".

They're only meant as suggestions to a problem people
are perceiving, not complaints there's something wrong

As for what happened to Chad, I was sadden by that as
a) I didn't get involved and b) it was an admittedly
very rare moment where a patch is looking perfect
right to the last hurdle and then...


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