[development] Go PHP 5, Go!

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Jul 4 22:03:58 UTC 2007

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Darrel O'Pry schrieb:
> On Tue, 2007-06-26 at 10:13 -0700, Derek Wright wrote:
>> On to the bigger question:
>> - Once D7 is about to be released and we have actual facts about php5  
>> availability for our user base (not speculation like "70% of our  
>> users will be left behind"), we can very publicly announce that we're  
>> going to extend the support life-cycle of D6 core, and encourage  
>> module maintainers to do the same.  Killes suggested this originally,  
>> and it's clearly a great idea.
>> Cheers,
>> -Derek (dww)
> I think Ubuntu's model of doing a long term support release may be nice
> for drupal, but it's asking a lot of the community, and who ever has the
> maintainer role for a particular version. 

Well, if you get Mark Shuttleworth to sponsor that I'll happily release
Drupal 4.7.42 in 2023. ;)

One  more serious note: The Ubuntu model doesn't make sense for Drupal.

Ubuntu is doing ths in order to get a higher industry adaption for their
Linux distribution. Industry apparently likes to not have software every
few years.

However, Drupal is mainly used for Websites. Websites that show to the
world how fashionable, geeky, modern, etc the company that has them is.
For this reason, websites get refurbished every two years or so. Matches
excellent to Drupal's release cycle if you only update every second release.

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