[development] Maintainer needed for Flexiconvert (Flexinode to CCK converter)

Tao Starbow starbow at citris-uc.org
Thu Jul 5 17:04:17 UTC 2007

Hi Gang,

There are still a fair number of poor souls trapped in the world of 
Flexinode and therefore stuck at Drupal 4.7.  I wrote flexiconvert after 
I made the transition, but it is the nature of the beast that no really 
needs this module more than once. In the meantime, it has collected a 
fair number of patches as people work through their own particular edge 
cases. Which I have been neglecting.  Any chance that someone (maybe 
someone connected with CCK or Flexinode) would be up for taking over 
maintainership, and help lead these people into the promised land of 
Drupal 5 and 6?


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