[development] drupal.org is down <eom>

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Tue Jul 10 20:46:13 UTC 2007

On 10 Jul 2007, at 17:09, Dries Buytaert wrote:
> The down time seriously hinders my patch reviewing -- I tried for  
> 30 minutes today, but I simply couldn't get two pages to load in a  
> row (two reviews were lost). Instead of reviewing patches the next  
> couple of days, I'm going to dedicate my time to help with the  
> infrastructure instead.

Gerhard, I'd like to take a lead in managing a small team of people  
that are willing to help with code changes or other things that don't  
require shell access.  It would be great if you could give us some  
starting points.  What are the steps required to tackle this, and  
what steps can we open up to more people?


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