[development] #drupal / #drupal-dev split considered harmful

Sam Tresler sam at treslervania.com
Tue Jul 31 23:12:44 UTC 2007

>     A couple weeks ago, a few developers started going into #drupal-dev
>     instead of #drupal and started a campaign to get people to split off.
>     I guess the reasoning for this was because they disagreed with
>     newbies who didn't read the topic getting 'support?' in their face
>     when they join our "official" channel. I personally think it is a
>     feature, and not a bug, that our main channel is contribution-focused
>     rather than support-focused, but that is largely irrelevant to the
>     topic at hand.

Forgive me for not being as up on my #drupal-whatsnext politics as 
perhaps I should be.  What is being proposed, or has been done, why, and 
why is it good/bad for the project?

As I understood it was:

#drupal - development focused
#drupal-support - support focused - for newbies
#drupal-dojo - training, perhaps a good middle ground.
#drupal-theming, ecommerce, consulting et. al. as desired.

What I see now:

#drupal-dev - development?  is this accurate
#drupal - I don't know anymore
#drupal-dojo - Seems to not have an identity crisis
#drupal-support - also is pretty clear.

What is #drupal to be if we split of dev talk?


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