[development] Google Gears

Scott Trudeau strudeau at umich.edu
Fri Jun 1 15:48:08 UTC 2007

Right.  But what happens when a user on the live site adds a new node
at the same time I add a new node on the local copy and the node id
conflicts?  What happens if a user edits a node on the live site that
I also edit on the local copy?  And that's without getting in to more
comples site configuration syncing issues ...

Not impossible, but trickier than it might seem.

And on this same thread, a quick proof-of-concept by a Wordpress
developer for syncing Wordpress content offline using Google Gears:



On 6/1/07, Xavier Bestel <xavier.bestel at free.fr> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 10:37 -0400, Scott Trudeau wrote:
> > Theoretically, a way to "sync" Drupal site instances (Google Gears
> > aside) would be awesome.  Practically, it is a very hard problem to
> > solve since most Drupal sites are in constant flux "in the wild" and
> > therefor, once you "copy" a local version of the site and make
> > changes, you have two separate branches with many potential
> > opportunities for collision.  You can handle some sync collisions
> > intelligently but there will always be weird cases.  Also, I can't
> > even begin to imagine how much more effort it would take to build
> > modules that can handle a sync framework.
> And then ? It's the same thing when you take your time to add or edit a
> node on a busy site: you've got a "temporarily offline" reference in
> your web browser which is "synced back" to the database when you press
> "save".

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