[development] Tips on keeping up?

Tao Starbow starbow at citris-uc.org
Mon Jun 4 18:09:32 UTC 2007

Hi List,

I could use some advice on keeping up with development, and where I 
should be spending my time. Just today, I followed at link from the 
front page to an issue that I had not seen before, and in the comments 
found out that Dries was interested in having my find_paths module 
modified and included into core.  I would have been thrilled to do it, 
but unfortunately, the comment was from a month ago, and someone else 
has already stepped up and done most of the work.

I keep up with the dev list, and planet drupal, a couple of groups over 
at g.d.o, my own projects issue queue, and email about the user group I 
run, and that pretty much consumes all of the time I have to stay 
up-to-date.  And I still missed a key opportunity to contribute.  Do 
folks have advice?  Should I give up the dev list and focus on the 
issues queues (and which ones)?  Should I stop reading Planet Drupal and 
spend an hour a day over at #drupal?  Or should I just chill and assume 
that if someone wants my help they will contact me directly?


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