[development] comments as nodes

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Tue Jun 5 02:58:45 UTC 2007

thanks angie. lets go a step further. when we display a huge list of 
comments, we are really talking about 2 nodeapi ops: load and view.

We are getting to the point with schema where we can load a node with 
just a single query. It needs bit more work, but i think this is a 
solvable problem for D7.

Some versions of the node_rendering patch had a 'style' whereby nodeapi 
'view' op was skipped. That might be useful here. Otherwise, I think we 
need to look at each slow nodeapi op and accelerate it, or make it 
configurable by type. I am encouraged that Robert's sites are working 
fine with nodecomment.


Angela Byron wrote:
> On 4-Jun-07, at 10:26 PM, Karoly Negyesi wrote:
>>> Ideas are welcome.
>> What we can do is that we make it mandatory that every single nodeapi 
>> module to become type based -- there is particularly little point in 
>> adding a path to a node type that will be a nodecomment.
> Karoly asked me to summarize our discussion tonight:
> 1. A nodeapi registry makes it so you're not blindly calling 4000 
> functions per comment on a page. If entries are keyed by node type, you 
> only call the specific hooks that need to be fired for that node type.
> 2. However, currently there are modules such as path, book, and upload 
> which act on all modules indiscriminately. Forcing these modules to be 
> enabled per-node-type would allow switching off the silly functionality 
> that doesn't make sense for comments. But the UI will be icky... 30,000 
> radio buttons at admin/content/types/foo. :P
> 3. Touano of the DruBB group actually did some benchmarking of 
> nodecomment module: http://groups.drupal.org/node/3550 ... however, 
> Karoly pointed out that there are many optimizations that could be made 
> to the code in order to get it core-worthy.
> So if we can solve 2 and 3, we're in business. ;)
> -Angie

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