[development] Use revisions to replace previews

Frederik 'Freso' S. Olesen freso.dk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 04:43:12 UTC 2007

2007/6/7, Kevin Reynen <kreynen at gmail.com>:
>Assume I'm a user without revision/edit access and I add something,
>preview it, and don't save it.  How would I get to it?

In the thread you reference yourself, I believe it was suggested to
have a "view own revisions" permission, partly to deal with the issue
of entering private-data-in-PHP-code, but it would also 'fix' this

>Another issue that comes to mind is Captcha.  Right now I only require
>Captcha on save.  I don't like the idea of spambots being able to commit
>inserts to my databases or requiring Captcha on every preview.

Perhaps only requiring captcha once and then store it in the session
Or require captcha the first time one edits a page and stays at the page[1]?

[1] Ie., if I go and edit page #1 I have to pass a captcha for the
first preview, but the second preview and the final submission doesn't
require anything. I then go to page #2 where I have to pass a captcha
again entering the 1st preview, but then I go to page #1 to check
something, and upon returning to page #2, I have to re-pass the
captcha for the next preview/submit.
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