[development] Go PHP 5, Go!

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 19:18:41 UTC 2007

On 07.06.2007, at 04:15, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:

> So, +1 on this initiative. What is the worst case? Come February
> and we see that things have not moved. We evaluate it them and see
> what other projects did, and decide either to stay the course, or go
> back to PHP4.

I think this is a bad idea. If we go into this process with this  
attitude, we won't honestly try to get providers to PHP 5 because  
there is no need to for them – they will know that software projects  
won't move to 5 when the majority of providers still run 4. When we  
really make Drupal (and all the other projects) PHP 5 only starting  
from this date, providers won't have a choice but to upgrade.

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