[development] Current head seems to have been broken for a while...

Arancaytar Ilyaran arancaytar.ilyaran at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 20:08:09 UTC 2007

And the reason for the call happening prior to bootstrap can indeed be
found in the use of an existing database?

Well, I'll try that...

Mh. Well, no function error now, but it seems to ignore the mysql host
field and tries (unsuccessfully of course) to connect through a local
socket. So I don't get past the installer. Huh...

On 6/12/07, Peter Wolanin <pwolanin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Do a fresh check-out, drop all the tables in the DB, and do a fresh
> install - I did so last night and see no such error.
> The update code does not migrate data/settings from earlier versions
> of HEAD, so the only way to proceed seems to be  to install fresh
> whenever there is a major patch.
> -Peter
> On 6/12/07, Arancaytar Ilyaran <arancaytar.ilyaran at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I know that right now the CVS head is completely unstable as the code
> > freeze for 6.x hasn't happened yet. But I do occasionally check out
> > the latest version to play around with it a bit, and I'm confused that
> > a fatal error has been in there for quite some time.
> >
> > Namely, common.inc calls "file_directory_path()" on line 1769 before
> > this function has actually been defined - I think because bootstrap
> > hasn't been called yet. I'm quite sure I have an unmodified version
> > from CVS.
> >
> > So if I wanted to have a peek at how Drupal 6 is going to look (if
> > that's even possible at this point) what should I download? I can't
> > wait... ;)
> >


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