[development] Current head seems to have been broken for a while...

Arancaytar Ilyaran arancaytar.ilyaran at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 20:33:43 UTC 2007

Getting closer to the problem. It seems that the installer will call
_install_settings_form_validate() twice. The first time with empty
parameters, which causes the error message, the second time with
parameters, which works fine.

Is this down to the new Form API, perhaps? But that's still confusing,
because you said it works out of the box for you...

In the end, I managed by adding a "if (!$db_prefix) return;" hack to
the validate function (and by manually creating the settings.php file,
but that's a different thing and might be caused by the debug output I

On 6/12/07, Arancaytar Ilyaran <arancaytar.ilyaran at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mh. Well, no function error now, but it seems to ignore the mysql host
> field and tries (unsuccessfully of course) to connect through a local
> socket. So I don't get past the installer. Huh...


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