[development] hook_help() vs $section for Drupal 6

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri Jun 15 16:11:07 UTC 2007

It would be nice if some people would show interest in discussing this, 
it is really a tiny question. Or should I pick and implement a solution 
myself? Passing $_GET['q'] would be simplest obviously, but I am not 
sure you would be fine with it. I only know for sure, if you tell us 
your view.


Gabor Hojtsy wrote:
> Hi,
> In an unrelated issue, we found that hook_help($section) gets called 
> with the menu key now. So
>  - if you have a "node/%node/edit", you get this in the help hook
>  - if you have a "node", (which gets called with node/$nid too
>    obviously), you don't get the $nid in the help hook
> The argument for this is that it is easy to provide broad help texts. 
> The arguments against is obviously that it is very hard to provide 
> focused help texts (like it is impossible to provide help text for a 
> block configuration page based on $section alone).
> A couple of ideas popped up from Peter Wolanin and myself, so we only 
> need to pick up the right one :)
>  1. Pass on $_GET['q'] simply to hook_help(). This makes it harder
>     to provide a broad help text, as you would need to preg the
>     dynamic parts out yourself.
>  2. Pass on both $_GET['q'] and the menu key to hook_help(). This
>     would allow for both, if you wish. $section would become
>     $path and $menu_key or something along the lines.
>  3. Pass on the whole menu item structure which has even more
>     details. For people who would like to customize their help
>     even more (although I am not sure what else can be used from
>     the menu there).
> Now what is left is to pick one of these up, or suggest something 
> better, so I can prepare a patch, and we can get this fixed soon.
> Gabor

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