[development] Go PHP 5, Go!

Bill Fitzgerald bill at funnymonkey.com
Tue Jun 19 13:52:28 UTC 2007

As other people have stated, now is a time to lead, not to follow.

There will always be myriad reasons to make the safe choice. Others have 
articulated the advantages of using PHP5, and there is widespread 
support among the PHP crowd (as articulated by Rasmus at OSCMS) and 
among other open source projects. Perhaps leadership in this area will 
allow more people to step up and share the responsibility for 
articulating why this course makes sense.

And even if nobody else stands up, it's still the right thing to do from 
a strictly technical place.



Chris Johnson wrote:
> I'm in agreement with Robert Douglass.  Now is the time to be bold, 
> not timid.
> Dries wrote:  "My guess is that all Drupal installations take up at 
> most 0.5% of
> PHP's total install base."  I don't think that measurement (PHP total
> install base) is relevant.  Far more important is what fraction of the
> top 50 most commonly installed PHP packages Drupal is, and what
> fraction of the top 50 the other PHP projects who will agree to move
> to PHP5 comprise.  The long tail of PHP applications is huge -- and
> mostly ignorable.
> ..chrisxj

Bill Fitzgerald
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