[development] PHP 5 > aggregator.module rewrite to XML API?

Alexander Barth alex at developmentseed.org
Tue Jun 19 21:39:48 UTC 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 5:31:01 PM, you wrote:

> To put this distraction aside, PHP 5 is as readily available a
> hosting solution as PHP 4. Developers who want to use Drupal need to
> upgrade to PHP 5 rather than Drupal keeping pace with PHP 4.

> As to aggregation, as long as a module is not allowing an XSS or an
> SQL injection attack. I see no need to try to accept feeds from
> sites that don't even put the effort in authoring feeds that meet
> the absolute minimal feed standards.

Somebody will see the need and will come up with a solution for it.
That's where in the past this somebody started his/her own new
aggregation module from scratch :)

> Although some may like to
> aggregate the HTML content in a feed as is, how we could set in
> dealing with this case is open for debate. This is my opinion on the subject.

> On 6/20/07, Morbus Iff <morbus at disobey.com> wrote:
 >> Did you waste the time to read a couple of threads before mine or did
>> you have this reply tailor made a few days ago? The discussion was on
>> weather to accept non-standard compliant RSS/RDF/ATOM feeds or not 
>> sweety. And a little on weather to push for PHP 5 or not. So why don't
>> you stick to that for a change?

> You're kidding, right?

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