[development] Multiple Forms, single form handler

James McLean james.mclean at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 00:11:40 UTC 2007


I'm working with a module called 'invite' (not sure if its drupal core
or not) and i've added some hooks to allow it to work as a block as
well as a regular module. The block is working fine and I have managed
to build a form using the standard Drupal forms API successfully.

The form submits to my validate function correctly and validates the
submitted details as it should.

Now, in order to save time and re-use existing code, I would like the
form in my block to use the same methods and routines for saving
information that the main form uses when you view it directly and fill
out that form and submit that (http://drupal.local/invite/). The main
form has two fields that are submitted (email address, required -
description, not required) and my Block form has a single field (email

The form built in my block is named 'invites_block_form' and the main
form is named 'invite_form'

I've attempted to use hook_forms() to achieve this behavior as
outlined in the 'Pro Drupal Development' book but cant quite get my
head around how to achieve it.

If anyone could provide some insight into how to achieve this I would
be greatful.


James McLean

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