[development] Code freeze reminder

Yves Chedemois yched.drupal at free.fr
Thu Jun 21 14:34:22 UTC 2007

Derek Wright a ecrit le 21/06/2007 15:48:
>>   5. The node render patch that Eaton started work on a while ago.  I 
>> don't think that is been committed yet, but Eaton recently reminded 
>> me about how important this is to further unify and clean-up the CCK 
>> and core.
> Eaton and I spoke about this at length last week.  We decided the next 
> step for both node rendering and killing the evil $node namespace bugs 
> I was ranting about earlier is to convert $node from an object into a 
> #FAPI-style array.  This is a huge undertaking, but will solve a 
> *bunch* of issues and open up tons of new possibilities.  I've been so 
> busy with update_status that I haven't had a chance to work on the 
> initial patch for this.  If anyone else wants to get the ball rolling, 
> that'd be great:
> http://drupal.org/node/148420
As I said to Eaton on many occasions on IRC, I'd be really willing to 
help on this. I came to the same conclusion that $node refactoring was a 
prerequisite for a generic notion of fields for core. Unfortunately, I 
find myself with limited amount of spare time these few days (some site 
to drive live within the fortnight...). Do you think something is 
achievable within the 10 days before D6 freeze ?

On a related note, and _if_ D6 has to go out without Eaton's much 
awaited node rendering / nodes styles patches, I opened an issue to at 
least try to get a D6 workaround for node 'search index' rendering. 
Feedback welcome in http://drupal.org/node/152493

Last point : a few days ago I started some work on reviving killes' 
"block cache for core" patch in http://drupal.org/node/80951, with the 
intent of merging with jjeff's 'Block cache' contrib module (which works 
just great but suffers from painful usability issues mainly due to its 
being 'contrib'). This is semi-but-not-quite ready for public eye yet.
I've been told one of the biggest points would be getting Dries 
acceptance :-), so I'd welcome even an informal 'go', or a hint that my 
time could be more useful somewhere else.


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