[development] PHP 5 > aggregator.module rewrite to XML API?

Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 22:37:07 UTC 2007


(I was offline for a week and missed the whole debate.)

I'm one of the mentors for Aron Novaak's Summer of Code project, so let me
clarify a few issues/goals.

1) Everyone should please comment on his wiki pages (

2) The target is a lightweight Aggregator for Drupal core, working in Drupal
5 as a contributed module, with expectations that it will remain contrib for
Drupal 6 and become core in Drupal 7.

3) The API element is the fundamental improvement, allowing different sites
to enable or disable features and methods as needed.  Remember that one of
those features (and the reason Robert and I drafted the first API spec) was
to allow non-administrative users to safely add feeds.  Those users will
expect the behavior of iGoogle or MyYahoo, where feeds just work (or gentle
errors are given when the user makes a blatant error).

4) From a Google perspective, code review, benchmarking, and design feedback
(such as Morbus' comments on the schema) are all acceptable.  Inevitably,
Aron will be taking code from several existing projects, so feel free to
contribute patches, etc. to his project.  I don't believe they will violate
the terms of his project, and I write the evaluations.  What he's trying to
do is unite the Aggregators in a way that is useful to the community, so
part of his project will be building consensus and coordination of

5) There are some Aggregator core patches waiting for some review love
before code freeze, too:

http://drupal.org/node/43245 (make blocks optional)
http://drupal.org/node/61456 (fix special characters in titles)

- Ken Rickard
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