[development] Open season for references

Steve Ringwood nevets at mailbag.com
Tue Mar 6 17:55:51 UTC 2007


Let me declare open season for references. As they make it impossible to
use call_user_func_array and other cute tricks are also impossible, they
are a hinderance. I fail to see the benefit for us. Let's get rid of all.

Who wants to join me on the hunt?

	References have a place in programming and do help with performance when
	with large objects or arrays.

	For example node_submit is called with a reference to the node, so it can
directly make changes to the values.
	If you removed the reference a copy would be passed in and the hook would
need to return a copy.
		So you would go from passing a reference to copying the node twice.

	So personally I think the performance aspect is more important that the
ability to do 'cute tricks'.

Steve Ringwood

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