[development] memcache

Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 11:25:17 UTC 2007

I don't quite understand Dries remark "I'm fairly convinced that
memory-based caching ... is the way forward rather than file-based
caching."  That remark seems to presuppose knowing every site's and host's
situation (impossible) or to say that file-based caching will never provide
enough performance benefit over what we have now.

I think the real way forward is object-based caching hooks in core and a
pluggable cache interface.  Ideally, one would have tiered caching, so that
more than one cache mechanism could be plugged in, and various types of
caching (object, page, menu, query, etc.) could be assigned to one of the
available mechanisms.  However, that ideal would be many steps down the
road, if ever, due to the complexity involved.

Instead, we should at least allow site owners to chose amongst memory, file
and database caching at a minimum.

As for object-based caching, start with nodes.  Eventually, add other common
objects, e.g. users, and provide an API(?) to make it easy for contrib
modules which create new objects to cache their objects  as well.
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