[development] Menu feature -- can we lose this, please?

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Wed Mar 7 21:04:37 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 11:54 +0100, Chris Johnson wrote:
> Excellent references, Bèr.  Thanks for posting them.
> I have a similar concern about our permission system becoming a
> muddied mixture of models, resulting in a system that is incredibly
> hard to grok by administrators and users -- and maybe by even some
> developers. 
> Although it doesn't seem to really directly bear on chx's proposal, I
> can see how his proposed change may set a course for Drupal
> permissions which should be thought out first, as Bèr suggests.

there is no proposal on the table to table to change the permission
system or access control. so I'm lost.

we were talking about a menu item visibility with accessible children.

while there are some good references raised in Ber's proposal, we aren't
planning on changing the role based access system as far as I can tell.

please correct me if I'm wrong.


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