[development] What's going on with this person's commits?

Yves CHEDEMOIS yched.drupal at free.fr
Sat Mar 10 20:26:24 UTC 2007

Ray Zimmerman a écrit :
> I too saw something like this about a week or so ago. According the 
> the RSS feed and web site, some user I didn't recognize had made a 
> commit that included a bunch of CCK files along with some other 
> projects. When I looked more closely at the files that supposedly had 
> changed it turns out it was really yched that had made the commits to 
> the CCK files, but somehow they appeared grouped with somebody elses 
> commits to another project.
Yes, I noticed that too - for the record, it was 
Back then I took a few minutes to check that everything was OK on the 
CCK side (and it was)
The other 'part' of the commit involved some  .info files in e-commerce, 
so I decided to let go...

Anyway, for the commits Robert mentions in his initial mail, they are 
not .po files, they are a '/source' folder (??) being added to several 


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