[development] Looking for new module maintainer for importexportapi module

Doug Green doug at civicactions.com
Thu Mar 15 19:16:23 UTC 2007

I'm looking for a new maintainer for the importexportapi module.


The importexportapi module needs some love and time that I don't have right
now.  This was a summer of code project (developed by jaza) that allows data
to be exported and imported between Drupal installs - this is great
functionality to have, especially when moving between a dev/qa/live
configuration or when upgrading sites from one version to another.  When
jaza left for a year long trip, I volunteered.  But being a responsible
module maintainer also means recognizing that I don't have the time to give


Anyone interested should send me email.  The original author was careful to
pick someone with some experience, so I feel obligated to do the same.  This
module needs someone with both Drupal and programming experience, as it has
almost 5000 lines of code and as it interfaces with many areas of Drupal. 


While not looking for a bounty, if anyone wants to pay for the development,
I'd be happy to do the work myself.  There are about 40 issues in the issue
queue that my WAG is about a weeks worth of work.  I'm not averse to contrib
work as I have 8 or so other contrib modules of my own, but my wife is
happier when I get paid for work.  And a week is just a little more than I
can contribute right now.




Doug Green




Changing the world one node at a time!


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