[development] Drupal Services Providers Listing Request

jhef vicedo jhefmv at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 05:29:05 UTC 2007

I would like to request that Dig It All Solutions Inc. be added to the list
of Drupal Services Providers.

URL: http://digitalsolutions.ph/

We provide IT tools and consultation to help you capture, share and *bring
knowledge* to those who need it. We develop websites and intranets for
community collaboration and knowledge management, based on the Drupal
platform. We also provide tech support and training on open source IT
solutions, including Drupal, PHP and MySQL.  We also have various
outsourcing projects from the United States and the Asian region. We are a
certified MySQL Network Partner. Our base of operations is in the

Contribution to Drupal: search engine integration (Swish-E module),
internationalization (Filipino translations), documentation
(taxonomy/categories), SoC mentoring (usability and social network
analysis), various other contributions.

Drupal developer usernames:

jhefmv24, sofiya, benc (or cryptonomikon)

Many thanks :)
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