[development] Metadata question

Gabriel Rossetti mailing_lists at evotex.ch
Mon Mar 19 08:37:03 UTC 2007

Thank you Larry for the explanation and also for pointing me to the 
right direction.


Larry Garfield wrote:
> Drupal doesn't really distinguish between "data" and "metadata" formally.  
> Most things are "nodes" (item of content).  A node has "fields".  Whether a 
> field is "data" or "metadata" really depends only on whether or not to choose 
> to display it.  
> There are also modules that add non-field "stuff" to a node, such as 
> taxonomies, upload and attachments, etc.  I suppose one could think of those 
> as a form of "metadata", but Drupal doesn't really distinguish between the 
> two, as I said, since those are exposed to the theme layer as well.  
> Nodes have a reasonably consistent storage mechanism.  "Add-on stuff" tends to 
> have a storage mechanism per-stuff (all of it in the database, of course, 
> except files which live on disk).  
> The handbooks on the web site have more.  If you still have questions, try the 
> support at drupal.org mailing list, the forums, or the #Drupal-Support IRC 
> channel.  This list is more for active development of the core system.  
> Thanks.
> On Sunday 18 March 2007 7:25 pm, Gabriel Rossetti wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to figure out how metadata is used in Drupal and I'm a bit
>> lost. I am going to add new metadata to objects (nodes?) for a project I'm
>> working on,
>> and I came across flexinodes, node, taxonomy, relationships, and I need
>> someone
>> to clarify things up some for me. Are all things stored as the same
>> object? Is an attachment
>> (pdf, doc, jpeg, etc) stored as the same thing? Does it have metadata?
>> Does regular content
>> (non-attachment) also have metadata? Is it also stored like attachment
>> metadata (if it has some)?
>> Thank you,
>> Gabriel

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