[development] Summer of Code 2007 Idea - Drupal software appliance

Allister Beharry allister.beharry at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 20:08:43 UTC 2007

Thanks for the heads-up Robert. I've been reading the SoC project
proposal for automating testing of patches, and also your posts on a
performance and scalability testing environment for Drupal. Virtual
machine images have been posited as part of an solution for both. So
I'm going to channel Laskey wrt my original idea and propose a better
one. (I'm just punching this out before I race to class so it's gonna
be brief/fragmented with typos. I'll elaborate further when I get

A key requirement of automated testing of Drupal is the ability to
create a Drupal site with a specific configuration. In the case of
unit testing patches and code and also regression testing, the Drupal
site must be running specfic versions of core and module code. Now
automating tests is one thing but at the end-of-the day a human will
have to be able to eyeball a Drupal site with specific versions of
core and module code. There needs to be an automated way for a tester
to create a complete Drupal sit by simply specifiying what code
versions he/she wants running

For performance and scalability testing,a human tester will want to
vary things like choice of web server - Apache, lightpd, IIS - choice
of db - MySQL, PostgreSQL - PHP configuration - mod_pho, FastCGI, PHP
enhancements like APC, Zend optimizer, reverse proxies, as well as
varying load parameters for the Drupal site as you mentioned - number
of core/contrib modules, number of databases, memcache, database
topography, so on.
You'll also need to populate the db with sample content and user
account. For testing on Amazon EC you'd need an AMI image

What is needed is some kind of interface or configuration script that
a tester can use to quickly generate a Drupal site configured with
these parameters.  The script interpreter would take a configuration
script and a designated target, and spit out:
1. A ready to run tarball with drupal settings.php + php.ini +
database script  thatcan be immediately deployed to an existing web +
database server setup
2. A virtual machine image in either VMWare or Xen or AMI format.

Well it sounds kind of ambitious, but even if done on a scaled back
way, could have applications well outside Drupal. What do you think?


On 19/03/07, Robert Douglass <rob at robshouse.net> wrote:
> Allister,
> before I discuss your idea, it should be noted that you can't propose a
> GSoC project which doesn't produce code. As you describe it, your idea
> is mostly a task for a sysadmin and doesn't produce code, therefore
> wouldn't be eligible for the program.
> Your idea, however, is very good. I had envisioned a similar use of
> virtual images here: http://groups.drupal.org/node/2742 The problem with
> doing my idea as GSoC is that it is more than one person could
> reasonably manage, I think, and is dependent on infrastructure that
> we're not in a position to provide.
> I think what is needed is some brainstorming that combines your software
> appliance with performance, scalability and regression testing. Please
> chew on these ideas and come up with an alternate proposal. We'd love to
> have you apply to GSoC with a Drupal project.
> cheers,
> Robert
> Allister Beharry wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I'll be participating in SoC 07 and I'd appreciate it if I can get
> > some feedback on my idea for a project with Drupal. Here is the
> > synopsis:
> >
> > My project idea for SoC 2007 is a Drupal software appliance – a
> > self-contained virtual image consisting of a minimal Linux
> > environment, a LAMP stack, and Drupal 5.1  – which can be distributed
> > as a bootable LiveCD or virtual machine image which can be run on
> > virtualization software like VMware Player or MS Virtual PC.
> >
> > At ~50Mb or less, a Drupal appliance is a perfect way for potential
> > users with no system administration experience to evaluate Drupal.
> > Advocacy for Drupal can be extended by distributing the Live CD with
> > magazines and in trade shows. Drupal companies and consultants can
> > rapidly prototype and demonstrate a Drupal a solution to their clients
> > starting with the base appliance image. Drupal admins can easily test
> > module patches before deployment to live sites. The virtual machine
> > image can also be part of an automated testing framework by utilizing
> > the scripting capabilities of virtualization software like VMware
> > Server.
> >
> > This project can build on existing LiveDistro images from Knoppix or
> > Damn Small Linux, and virtual appliance images like those from Virtual
> > Appliance (http://virtualappliances.net/products/lamp/). The main
> > tasks will be:
> > 1.Collecting requirements from the Drupal community;
> > 2.Building the target environment;
> > 3.Installing and integrating Drupal and necessary modules;
> > 4.Comprehensive testing of the entire appliance;
> > 5.Coding hooks in the virtualization software for use of the appliance
> > by automated testing tools;
> > 6.Promotion and obtaining distribution channels for the release of the
> > appliance.
> >
> > Thanks a lot.
> > Allister
> >
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