[development] lucid menu & aggregation

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Tue Mar 20 23:30:16 UTC 2007

> 1. When disabling a module in 4.7, the database retains that the
> module was installed to prevent the module's re-installation and to
> which update hook it ran AFAIK. This would effectively mean that any
> previous aggregator2 users wouldn't even be able to install the new
> aggregator2 module (install script wouldn't run!), and that my own
> update hooks would clash with the old aggregator2's update hooks! Not
> something I wanted to get myself into!

It is trivial to make an update to do this and retain the schema  
versions. This is exactly what the update system was designed for.

If you want to do it properly, you should keep as much existing data  
as is reasonable.

Steven Wittens

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