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Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Sat Mar 24 18:38:13 UTC 2007

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David Metzler schrieb:
> Yep, I agree that this is problematic for dropping support for PHP 4.  I
> think that this is not likely to change until there's wider adoption for
> php 5 by the vendors who bundle LAMP with operating systems.  Redhat ES
> 4 and Mac OSX still default ship with php 4 as the default install.  My
> personal preference would be to hold off requiring PHP5, assuming our
> goal is to make drupal available to the masses :).

As you all should have noticed, Karoly mentioned to drop PHP4 support
for Drupal 7. Drupal 7 will be released at some time next(!) year.

The correct time to evaluate his proposition is therefore the time when
development of Drupal 7 starts, which will be after the release of
Drupal 6 later this year.

By that time, several Linux distributions will have released new
versions and the availability of PHP5 might have increased widely.

Let's look at this again in summer then and concentrate on the
development of the current Drupal version.

> I'm not opposed to people writing modules that require PHP 5, but I
> think realistically it will be hard to force this hand when the
> commercially supported OS's will not provide automatic updates for PHP
> 5.

I have absolutely no love for these "commercially supported" Linux
distros. If the vendors of these distros think they'll be able to
support them for their customers till the end of time, then it is solely
the concern of said vendors to either make sure upcoming version of all
software runs on their distro or to support outdated versions of all
software by creating security releases.

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