[development] RFC: drupal.org test-site install profile?

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Sun Mar 25 11:27:38 UTC 2007

request for comments:

"we could really use an install profile that setup a test site  
similarly to how drupal.org is configured (especially the project*  
modules and CVS integration). obviously, it wouldn't have the  
bluebeach theme, but otherwise, it would look fairly similar to d.o  
in terms of structure, content, permissions, etc."

"this would greatly help people who wanted to reproduce bugs and test  
patches for the project* family of modules, which is something we  
desperately need more of..."


"in his 'State of Drupal' talk, Dries was making a plea for more  
people to help with making our home on d.o more like a palace. this  
should significantly facilitate getting more "builders" involved in  
the construction. ;)"

please reply to the post, either by editing it directly with your name:


or just leave a comment:


ideally, someone would volunteer to actually write the profile,  
create a project node for it, etc.



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