[development] "PHP version" taxonomy (and node-type inheritance?)

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Tue Mar 27 07:00:48 UTC 2007

On 3/25/07, Derek Wright <drupal at dwwright.net> wrote:

> p.s. in defense of my pipe dream, Dries was calling for innovation
> and crazy ideas for core... he was also talking about ways to
> "eliminate the developer".  maybe this isn't one of the "killer
> features" he has in mind, but all of us CS geeks would sure think
> this is cool. ;)  sadly, the amount of code it would require to make
> something like this possible in core is enormous, so i don't see it
> happening for D6, if ever...

I hear the pipes in Oak-town are of high quality :P

I've been polling folks a bit, and the "PHP is holding us back" meme
is a very interesting one. Of course, this may very well be related to
the discussion on PHP4 vs. newer versions.

Apple maintained an internal version of OS X on Intel for years, and
then came out with it and it quickly went into "Just Works" mode.

What would looking at Drupal on PHP 6.x and tying into THAT production
cycle bring to Drupal? To PHP?


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