[development] Sympal script / module Fetcher as profile enhancement

Jean-Marie Renouard jmrenouard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 08:02:00 UTC 2007


What about using the sympal script moduleFetcher in profile.module in
order to be able to add dynamically new contributed module in the
installation process ?

The moduleFectcher is able to catch module from the official Drupal
web site and install it into the directory tree.

There is several issues I know about security around such a process
and I am agree from it.

In a other hand, a profile module that could be able to install
contributed module automatically and perform standard settings for it,
it could be fun too !

So please tell me more about such a feature. I am ready to help you to
reach critical issues  around it.

Jean-Marie Renouard

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