[development] Patch reviews

Tao Starbow starbow at citris-uc.org
Thu Mar 29 19:35:36 UTC 2007

With all the energy towards testing in the air, I want to remind people 
about the Selenium firefox plugin.  It is basically a little UI 
recorder, that will turn all of you clicks in the browser into a little 
file that you can play again later, or attach to a bug report or patch 
so someone else can replay your actions.  It is super easy to use, and a 
lot quicker that typing out "open page x, select y from drop down z, 
submit page, then click on link alpha, etc".


Addison Berry wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just to follow up on chx's email.  This weekend we will be starting a 
> push to get more people involved in testing patches.  A video tutorial 
> (another in the quick and dirty line ;)) is in the works and this will 
> be heavily promoted in the Dojo over the coming weeks (maybe front 
> page of d.o too?).  We will be also adding a feature at the Dojo for 
> "Patch of the Day" to promote patches that need testing (we're 
> focusing on core right now, but that doesn't mean that high-use 
> contribs can't be used as well).  Note that this is functionality 
> testing and not necessarily code review so patches that have some 
> basic instructions for newbie testers on what to test will be high on 
> the list (chx's menu patch instructions are simple and to the point - 
> it doesn't have to be elaborate, just give direction).
> I'm really hoping to give people who feel they can't contribute an 
> inroad to helping out and more community involvement as well as 
> building up a good community of testers that will make our push for 
> Drupal 6 even more productive.  Thanks in advance for helping guide 
> new testers on your patches.
> - Addi 
> (add1sun)
> On Mar 27, 2007, at 9:05 PM, Karoly Negyesi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> While discussing http://drupal.org/node/130991 on #irc I got this:
>> "i think its well over the level of comprehension of most except for 
>> a select few maybe, its not like no one is interested in it, far from 
>> it :)"
>> While I actually disagree -- the code is not that complicated not at 
>> all -- you can still help, lots.
>> I have followed up with a brief functionality description to 
>> encourage *functionality reviews*
>> I will do the same in the future so people without deep code 
>> knowledge can help out.
>> Thanks for that.
>> ChX

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