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Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Fri Mar 30 22:13:03 UTC 2007

Here are some current things I am working on for a project. Wanted to 
post here to see if anyone is working on something similar and was 
interested in working together:

    * Amazon Wishlist integration
    * Friends' activity block like Facebook: I'm still thinking about
      this. We can easily get node and comment Views with Buddylist like
      "My Friends' Recent Nodes", but we want an aggregated
      watchdog-like list that has other stuff too "Your friend Joe made
      friends with some user Rachel", "Some user Steve posted a comment
      on some node of yours", "Your friend Joe posted a comment on some
      other node", Voting, etc. I want to build this as flexible as
      possible so it can be contributed back. A new module that maybe
      uses Actions to perform a logging action on certain user
      operations. Not sure if that makes sense. But it's definitely like
      a watchdog log per user.
    * Pulling facebook profile info in from the Facebook API
    * Probably work on the Community Tags module for 5.x that was a
      clean up of my huge Tagadelic patch a while back so users can tag
      other users' nodes
    * Doing some invite stuff, so extending or cleaning up invite.module
      may be in order
    * Maybe some ACL-Buddylist integration to allow friends to have
      extra privileges (low priority)
    * Want to do some FOAF stuff like LinkedIn to see how far removed
      someone is from you (low priority)


Rob Roy Barreca
Founder and COO
Electronic Insight Corporation
rob at electronicinsight.com

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