[development] Overlap / Sharing work

Bill Fitzgerald bill at funnymonkeydata.com
Fri Mar 30 22:56:33 UTC 2007

Hello, Rob,

We'd be glad to talk about the Amazon Wishlist, the Friend's Activity 
block, and ACL-Buddylist integration -- RE ACL/Buddlist integration, 
Mark Frederickson's aclfield code in his sandbox 
comes pretty close to getting this (and more!) done now --



Rob Barreca wrote:
> Here are some current things I am working on for a project. Wanted to 
> post here to see if anyone is working on something similar and was 
> interested in working together:
>     * Amazon Wishlist integration
>     * Friends' activity block like Facebook: I'm still thinking about
>       this. We can easily get node and comment Views with Buddylist
>       like "My Friends' Recent Nodes", but we want an aggregated
>       watchdog-like list that has other stuff too "Your friend Joe
>       made friends with some user Rachel", "Some user Steve posted a
>       comment on some node of yours", "Your friend Joe posted a
>       comment on some other node", Voting, etc. I want to build this
>       as flexible as possible so it can be contributed back. A new
>       module that maybe uses Actions to perform a logging action on
>       certain user operations. Not sure if that makes sense. But it's
>       definitely like a watchdog log per user.
>     * Pulling facebook profile info in from the Facebook API
>     * Probably work on the Community Tags module for 5.x that was a
>       clean up of my huge Tagadelic patch a while back so users can
>       tag other users' nodes
>     * Doing some invite stuff, so extending or cleaning up
>       invite.module may be in order
>     * Maybe some ACL-Buddylist integration to allow friends to have
>       extra privileges (low priority)
>     * Want to do some FOAF stuff like LinkedIn to see how far removed
>       someone is from you (low priority)
> -- 
> Rob Roy Barreca
> Founder and COO
> Electronic Insight Corporation
> http://www.electronicinsight.com
> rob at electronicinsight.com

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