[development] Two new core modules

Stefan Nagtegaal development at robuustdesign.nl
Tue May 1 12:56:22 UTC 2007

Op 1-mei-2007, om 13:44 heeft Dries Buytaert het volgende geschreven:

> Hello world,
> there are two existing modules I'd like to see added to Drupal 6:
>  1. OpenID
>  2. Actions
> Of course, I'd still like to see better image and forum handling in  
> core too, but more about that later.  (I believe webhick was  
> working on some forum module improvements but I haven't checked  
> with her yet.)

I'm particularly interested in the better image handling part. The  
questions remainaining are:
What is image handling exactly and how are we going to use it?
What needs to be done?
Whats the best way to do/implement it?

I'm not very familiar with actions.module, but I think it _could_ be  
a big help for better image handling capabilities.

Secondly, I think something like craqbox.module (http://drupal.org/ 
project/craqbox) is pretty unavoidable for core either. Also when we  
focus on image handling, this is sort of a must imo because  
cluttering our node/add/* pages even more with all kind of options  
than we currently do, would be a pretty bad thing usability-wise.

Just dropping in some thoughts which are keeping me awake for quite  
some time now..

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