[development] low hanging fruit for Drupal 6: variable?defaults

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri May 4 17:47:00 UTC 2007

Mohammed Sameer wrote:
>> hook_variables() {
>>   $items = array();
>>   $items['mymod_num_things'] = array(
>>     '#default_value' => 2,  // Same syntax as FAPI uses
>>     '#realm' => 'mymod', // optional
>>     '#translatable' => FALSE, // probably default false
>>     '#cacheable' => TRUE, // default to TRUE if under X chars when serialized
>>     '#serialize' => FALSE, // default to true for object/array, else false 
>>   );
>>   foreach (node_get_types('name') as $type) {
>>     $items['mymod_things_for_' . $type] = array(
>>       '#default_value' => array(),  
>>     );
>>   }
>>   return $items;
>> }
> I'd actually declare it as hook_variables($type, $arg2)
> The module will not always know about the available node types as we can add a bunch after enabling the module.
> So I'd say that whenever we have a new content type (No idea how to detect that) we call this hook to update
> our defaults. The problem is that hook_variables() returns the default related to the node types we have as well as
> the defaults not related to the node types. That's why $type can either by 'node' for node types related defaults,
> 'comment' for comments related settings, 'term' for term related, 'vocabulary' for vocabulary related and 'default' for anything else ? Or would this be an over kill ?

Erm, this is completely unrealistic. We don't have concepts such as 
"node related variables", "term related variables" and so on. We have 
variables, which are any kind of key => value pairs, what is what we 
know (at least what we need here).


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