[development] Newbie announcement + starting a new meeting related module

Bob anarchybob at gmail.com
Sat May 12 15:49:52 UTC 2007

Hey there, I'm new to this so go easy if I make any blatant faux pas!

A bit about me: I've been doing php & mysql programming for quite a
while now, and make the odd hack application here and there. I think
like a lot of people I've come round to the idea helping with a big
CMS is a much better way to go!  I've not contributed to a big project
before either.  I got a copy of the Drupal Pro Development book, and
it all seems kinda straightforward so hopefully I'll be ok!

Anyway, I want to create a new module.  I've not seem anything
similar, but let me know if I'm duplicating existing functionality (I
think there's some crossover, but anyway).  And also sorry if this is
the wrong place for this, I couldn't see a suitable list otherwise!

I want to make a module for meetings that tracks individual agenda
items and action points.  I'm involved in an activist community where
a lot of people do a lot of different meetings all the time, and
there's rarely any continuity.  The module would work as follows.

1. Before a meeting, people can add individual agenda items that allow
comments and discussion.
2. Just before the meeting, the agenda can be printed off as a time
saving device.
3. After the meeting, comments or minutes can be recorded against
specific items to allow better tracking (keywords, etc)
4. Also, and the main focus of this module, individual action points
can be added and assigned to users.
5. In a way similar to case tracker, people can then leave comments
and mark tasks when they're done.
6. At the next meeting, it should be easy to keep a track of what's
actually been done, and see what's dragging on.

As you can see it's kind of a circular process, but I hope you kind of
get the idea!

I have a few ideas how this will all work in my head, but if anyone is
interested or would like to help that would be great, as I think it's
quite an ambitious first project and a little mentoring would be

A few notes:
- I was looking at making meeting node types extensions of event
types, to keep all that functionality.
- Two basic new node types would be involved - Action Point and Meeting.
- I was thinking of using taxonomy to track things like meeting groups.
- For action point entry, I was visualising posting them as a plain
text list, which then gets parsed and each line added as a node.

As I've already stressed, any and all input welcomed, even if it's a
case of 'don't bother because of X reason'.

Thanks a lot!


phone: 0774 3917404
skype: daresbalat
msn: bobulatorm at hotmail.com

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