[development] Newbie announcement + starting a new meeting related module

Michael Prasuhn mike at mikeyp.net
Sat May 12 17:30:53 UTC 2007

On May 12, 2007, at 8:49 AM, Bob wrote:
> [snip]
> 1. Before a meeting, people can add individual agenda items that allow
> comments and discussion.
> 2. Just before the meeting, the agenda can be printed off as a time
> saving device.
> 3. After the meeting, comments or minutes can be recorded against
> specific items to allow better tracking (keywords, etc)
> 4. Also, and the main focus of this module, individual action points
> can be added and assigned to users.
> 5. In a way similar to case tracker, people can then leave comments
> and mark tasks when they're done.
> 6. At the next meeting, it should be easy to keep a track of what's
> actually been done, and see what's dragging on.


> - I was looking at making meeting node types extensions of event
> types, to keep all that functionality.
> - Two basic new node types would be involved - Action Point and  
> Meeting.
> - I was thinking of using taxonomy to track things like meeting  
> groups.
> - For action point entry, I was visualising posting them as a plain
> text list, which then gets parsed and each line added as a node.
> As I've already stressed, any and all input welcomed, even if it's a
> case of 'don't bother because of X reason'.

I hate to be that guy, but you could get pretty darn close with CCK  
using nodereference and userreference fields and viewfield. If  
anything a few of your points may require an extension to CCK, but  
that would require much less code than starting from scratch.


Michael Prasuhn
mike at mikeyp.net

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