[development] update/replace the book module - poll, questions

Peter Wolanin pwolanin at gmail.com
Mon May 14 13:09:29 UTC 2007

I appreciate your perspective on this, and I'm well aware that the
final decision on this will need to be an "executive" one- that poll
is just one way to gauge the community sentiment.

Note that a change to "Outline" would actually make it more consistent
(as some have noted) with part of the existing UI for book module.

Anyhow, there are at least 4 possible courses to take:

1) leave it as "book", with the data upgraded appropriately.
2) kick "book" out to contrib and put in a new module with an upgrade path.
3) eliminate "book" and put in a new module with an upgrade path.
4) Keep a minimally updated "book" in D6 and a new module which can
convert over your existing book structure.  Eliminate "book" in D7.


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>Subject: Re: [development] update/replace the book module - poll, questions
>Oh yes, let's just rename it.  After all we have no years of historical need
>to be consistent with our names.  The rename of taxonomy to categories in
>the UI has worked out excellently for everyone.  Especially as someone
>submitted a contrib. module named categories.  That hasn't resulted in any
>support/forum or documentation issues at all.
>There is no need to concern anyone with the vast number of forum and
>documentation posts (or the few bits of marketing material) that reference
>book module as a way to make a site.
>Renaming it will result in years of confusion.  Which has been a PAIN with
>taxonomy/category UI.  IF it does get renamed, then we get to hunt down
>_anyone_ who submits or approves a contrib. module named 'book'.
>It would have been better to write documentation that educated people.

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